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Before we begin
About the tool

This tool is for single wills only.

A single will is for the estate of one person only. You cannot apply for a will for multiple estates using this tool.

How much will it cost?

If you appoint Nedgroup Trust as the executor of your estate, there is no fee for drafting a new will or reviewing your existing will. If you do not appoint Nedgroup Trust as the executor of your estate, please see our latest fees for wills as well as estate planning services fees.

Does this online tool cater for an estate with many different assets and business interests?

The tool does make provision for different types of assets at a high level, but we may need more information and additional steps from you to finalise your will.

Your will would most likely be classified as complex, and your application will be referred to Nedgroup Trust’s wills drafting office if your estate assets include any of the following:

  • Farmland and agricultural assets
  • Close corporation companies
  • Loan agreements
  • Share portfolios


Things to think about before you start

If you have minor children or other dependants, it’s important to consider the following, as you have to specify this in your application.

Appointing a guardian for your minor children.

The biological parents of minor children are the children’s legal guardians. You can, however, nominate another guardian in your will if something happens to both biological parents.

Have you thought about:

  • who you would like to appoint; and
  • have you discussed this with them?

Depending on how you will sign your will, you may need to get in touch with a Commissioner of Oaths.

If you will sign your will by:

  • making a mark (ie a cross or a thumbprint); or 
  • by someone other than you in your presence and on instruction from you,

a Commissioner of Oaths must certify the last page of your will in your presence when you or someone else signs your will.

Setting up a trust to protect assets for your beneficiaries.

A trust helps protect your assets for your beneficiaries who may not be able to manage their own affairs, such as minor children or vulnerable family members. By creating a trust, you give someone else – the trustees – the power to hold and manage your assets on your behalf to the benefit of your beneficiaries.

Have you thought about:

  • whether you want to set up a trust; and 
  • when the trust should end, in other words, how old should your children be before their inheritance is transferred to them?

Please speak to your financial planner to get advice about whether a trust is appropriate for you.