0860 555 111

Please note you will require at least one of the following account types to open a Self-service Banking Profile: Current, Savings, Credit Card, Investment, Home loan.

  1. Call: 0860555111
  2. Select the Self-service banking option
  3. Advise the call agent that you would like to open a Self-service Banking Profile
  4. The Agent will be required to authenticate you 
  5. Once authenticated the profile will be opened 
  6. Your initial financial payment and transfer limits will be set to R0,00
  7. A quick visit to any Nedbank retail outlet with your identity document is required to set your daily payment and transfer limits and link yourself to the SMS authorization facility for high-risk transaction types
  8. Your Self-service Banking profile number will give you immediate access to cellphone banking, internet banking and telephone Banking (self-service and agent-assisted), for balances, statements and other transactions types
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