Whole-view Business Banking™

At Nedbank we recognise that you have a full range of banking needs that go beyond transacting and borrowing. That is why our dedicated team of specialists partner with you to provide you with a bird's-eye view of your business and a different perspective on how your money needs to flow to match your goals.

Our approach, while considered, also ensures that we continue to find new and innovative ways to manage and grow your money. With our expertise and insights we'd like to help you see money as we do, so that together we can co-create unique solutions that can unlock the possibilities that will take your business to the next level. 


Solutions to handle cash, card, electronic, mobile and digital receipts.

As your business expands, you need to manage how you collect your money effectively. Our solutions enable you to receive local and international payments through multiple channels easily, efficiently and securely. Experience the benefits of seamless solutions that securely integrate your business systems directly to Nedbank.

Our solutions

  • Appropriate account structures to optimise liquidity
  • Debit order collections
  • Cash handling
  • Card acquiring
  • Notifications of payments and receipts
  • Reconciliations - reconcile your payments received to debtors 
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Partner with Nedbank for the right solutions for your business


Effective ways to handle cash, card, electronic, mobile and digital payments

With a full view of your business we are able to craft integrated solutions that maximise your liquidity and keep the wheels of your business turning. Our range of payment options enables you to make local and international payments easily and securely, and at your convenience. 

Our solutions

  • Electronic banking
  • Mobile banking
  • Integrated host-to-host solutions
  • Procurement cards
  • Account verification services
  • HR and payroll solutions
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Secured and unsecured financing options to suit your business needs and aspirations

As a business owner, you have a vision of how your business is going to grow and expand. Our knowledge and understanding of you, your business and your industry enable our specialists to structure the most appropriate financing solution for you. Maximise the potential of your business through our range of financing solutions. 

Our solutions

  • Working capital finance
  • Customised trade finance
  • Property finance
  • Invoice discounting
  • Structured financing
  • Advances against future card receivables
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Local trade offering to support your international business

We tailor holistic offers to facilitate your crossborder payments and trade, making the real-time settlement of crossborder transactions flexible, simple and cost-effective. We manage your foreign exchange needs, while mitigating the risks associated with trading globally. 

Our solutions

  • Foreign exchange hedging
  • Derivative instruments
  • Investment accounts in local or foreign currency
  • Cash management
  • Documentary trade solutions
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Superior product and expertise to maximise your money

Unlock the full potential of your money, meet your liquidity requirements and optimise your excess funds.

Our investment experts have insights into the market and into your specific business requirements, enabling them to structure the most appropriate portfolio of investments. 

Our solutions

  • Investment accounts in local or foreign currency
  • Cash management pooling
  • Cash management sweeping
  • Financial planning 



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Adding value to your business


Assistance to ensure your staff are taken care of. As an employer, supporting the wellbeing of your staff contributes to a better business and to the success of the local economy. Nedbank partners with you as an employer to drive:

  • Integrated HR and payroll solutions
  • Personalised banking for and comprehensive financial advice to employees through Workplace Banking



Protection for your money, your assets and your life with Nedbank Insurance.

Nedbank provides a range of solutions to help you minimise the risks and protect your most precious assets. This includes the risk associated with:

  • Cash
  • Trade
  • Assets
  • Key individuals



Analysis with tools that empower you with insights on your transactions, your business and your customers:

  • Market EdgeTM
  • Nedbank Accounting 
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