Nedbank will continue to meet your banking needs.


In recent weeks we have seen the increasing impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on individuals, families, businesses, societies and countries as infection rates escalate around the world and here in South Africa.  As your banking partner, we are taking all the necessary measures to ensure that you can continue to do your banking safely, with all the security you require as the COVID-19 situation evolves.


As a cash-based society, we know that bank notes change hands hundreds or even thousands of times during circulation. This makes handling cash risky, as we are exposed to an increased number of germs that may affect our health and wellbeing.


We also know that many of our clients are dependent on public transport and are therefore exposed to danger zones such as door knobs, handrails on busses and trains, which are not frequently disinfected. 


With that in mind, we’d like to encourage you to use our digital channels and other self-service options, so you can stay safe, doing your banking at home. Here are some easy and effective solutions:

Access your accounts online - use the Nedbank Money app or online banking. You’ll be able to make payments, view transactions, check balances, find an ATM, and more. It’s easy, safe and fast to manage your account digitally. Alternatively dial *120*001# to do your banking using your phone.
  • If you have not yet downloaded the money app or set up your online banking, simply click on the link below.


go to

PlayStore-App Download



When you are not at home and have to make purchases in-store, here are some ways in which you can avoid using cash:


  • Use the Scan to pay function on Nedbank MoneyApp
  • Pay with your Nedbank card. Whenever possible, swipe or tap.


Our branches will remain open and ATMs operational. We will continue keeping them clean and disinfected at all times. 


We are mindful of the impact the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to have on some of our financially given our already strained economy. We will continue to be guided by our existing lending policies which offer a number of solutions designed to assist clients experiencing payment difficulties. These include making payment arrangements, debt restructuring and exploring debt counselling. We aim to find the best possible solution, while assessing each case on its own merit.


As always, we are concerned not only for your financial needs, but for your overall health and wellbeing.