Make use of digital services during Covid-19

25 March 2020                                                                                           

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a detrimental impact on the financial wellbeing and health of millions of people around the world. Over the next few weeks many South Africans will have the opportunity to keep the economy afloat and work remotely during the enforced 21-day nationwide lockdown.

Remote work is common in many countries, but it is still a relatively new concept to various local businesses. While it may feel strange not going into the office at first, working remotely can be effective and an essential part of business continuity plans. Below is a list of tips to ensure maximum productivity during this period of working remotely:

  1. Ensure connectivity. A stable internet connection is crucial to staying connected with your colleagues. Thankfully, our internet services have improved drastically over the past few years and there are high-quality, affordable options available.
  2. Use digital collaboration tools. Even though your team isn’t sitting together, it is possible to collaborate digitally on files and track roles and responsibilities. Tools such as G Suite and Office 365 allow for people to work in real time, as well as the added function to save and access all versions of their files.
  3. Maintain a routine. You might be tempted to stream one more episode of your favourite series on Netflix instead of working, but this is where discipline and routine are paramount. If you are used to working nine to five, spend those hours working diligently.
  4. Choose a comfortable and quiet workspace. Select an area in your home where you will set up your home office away from distractions. Treat it as you would your regular workspace and keep it tidy.
  5. Communicate effectively. When working remotely, it is important to provide clear and concise communication. It is better to overcommunicate rather than assume the other person will understand. Daily check-in meetings are also recommended so that any questions or concerns can be raised and addressed with the team.
  6. Eat healthy and stretch your legs. It might be tempting to sit at your desk all day with a packet of crisps in front of you, but this isn’t good for your body or mind. Eat healthy meals and take regular breaks to stretch your muscles.
  7. Know when to log off. Even though you are working from home, this doesn’t mean you need to be available 24/7. Draw healthy boundaries between your work and home life.