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Electronic Banking (Internet Banking)


- Access the NetBank Internet Banking website, either directly via or via the Nedbank website
- Logon to NetBank by entering your Profile number, PIN and Password.


- After logging on you will be presented with an “All Balances” screen.
- In the top menu bar, select the Payments option


- The Payment screen is displayed in order for you to capture your payment information.
  • ‘From Account’ - from the drop down menu, select the account to pay “from”.
  • ‘Payment To’ – from the drop down menu, select “ Bank-Approved Beneficiary”.

- As soon as Bank Approved Beneficiary is selected additional fields will be displayed on your screen.
  • ‘First letter of name’ –which is a list of the alphabet to allow you to select the first letter of the beneficiary name which you will be paying e.g. “S” for SARS.
- The bank approved beneficiary list will then display a list of all beneficiaries available under the selected letter, including the various SARS options.

‘My Statement Description (DR)’ – enter a short description to appear on your own statement. This is the reference that forms part of the payment description on the client’s statement.
  • ‘Beneficiary Statement Description (CR)’ – This is the reference that forms part of the payment description displayed on the beneficiary’s statement, i.e. part of what SARS will see on their statement.
  • Note: The SARS tax number consists of a 19 digit reference number and is made up as follows:

    o The first 10 digits relate to your tax reference number.
    o The 11th digit refers to the tax type.
    o the last 8 digits refer to the period for which payment is being made.
  • Enter the payment amount.
  • - Select the Make Payment button.


    SMS authorisation:
    Certain functions on NetBank, like once off payments, require additional authorisation before the transaction can be completed. This is simply an additional security measure on the website.
    This additional authorisation is by means of an SMS reference number which is sent to your cellphone while making the once off payment.
    You will need to be pre-activated for the SMS facility which must be done at a branch where the cellphone number is also captured. Branch activation is a one-time process and once done, each time you make a once off payment on NetBank, you will receive a reference number via SMS.

    If you are not SMS activated, you will only be able to make a once off payment up to R1,000. Any amount greater than this will require the SMS process.

    In short, if you are SMS activated, an SMS reference number will be generated for a once off payment of any amount. If you are not SMS activated, once off payments up to R1,000 will be possible.

    - On selection of the Make Payment button the Reference Number Capture screen is displayed and within a few seconds you will receive a reference number on your cellphone.
    - The reference number must be entered on the screen in the field provided.
    - Then select the ‘Continue’ button.


    - The Confirmation screen displays all your payment details.
    - You may select to cancel the transaction by selecting the “cancel” button.
    - You may select to change some of the information by selecting the “edit” button.
    - If you are happy with all payment details and wish to conclude the transaction, you may select the “confirm payment” button.

    (Please note - Once a payment has been confirmed it cannot be reversed or revoked)


    - The Completed screen displays all the payment details.
    - Also displays a button to allow you to print confirmation of the payment.

    (Please note, once you exit this screen you will not be able to print this payment confirmation again, so it is imperative that the proof of payment be printed at this stage while still on this screen).

    Nedbank Ltd Reg. No 1951/000009/06. Authorised financial services and registered credit provider (NCRCP16).

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