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Make secure online banking happen anytime, anywhere


Nedbank digital banking allows you to manage your finances and lifestyle, anytime, anywhere:

  • Use prepaid purchases so you never run out of airtime, SMS or data bundles. Simply log on to a digital channel of your choice from your computer, cellphone or tablet.
  • Set up a future purchase date to automatically recharge your account or to schedule regular topups with our recurring option.
  • Create a beneficiary and set up a payment notification at the same time, avoiding the hassle of recapturing this information every time a notification needs to be sent.
  • Activate and maintain your eNotes to keep track of your transactions.


Internet Banking is a full-service facility that allows you to do your banking with complete security from the comfort and safety of your home or office.

Features and Benefits


Prepaid top-ups availiable from your mobile device or computer - anywhere, anytime.

You never have to worry about running out of prepaid purchases(e.g. airtime, SMS,Data bundles or BIS) anymore - simply log onto your Internet or mobile Banking profile and quickly top-up your prepaid purchase from your service provider anytime. What's more, you can set a prepaid purchase for a later date by using the Future-dated option, so it will be recharged on a date set in the future, by you. Alternatively, make sure you're constantly in touch by scheduling regular top-ups with our Recurring top-up option.


Investment accountholders with Nedbank can now freely access their information on NetBank - without needing a linked transactional account.

Nedbank investment accountholders now have the convenience to freely view their entire list of statements and account balances online, as well as the benefit of being able to maintain their accounts online as well. They can do this anytime they please - 24/7 - without needing a linked transactional account, such as a current or savings account.

Home Loans

Home loan accountholders can now freely access their information on NetBank - without needing a linked Nedbank transactional account.

Nedbank home loan accountholders now have the convenience to freely access and maintain all their account details online, such as viewing statements and balances - without needing a linked transactional account, like a current or savings account. To experience these benefits, all the client needs is an internet connection and a self service banking banking profile.


Payment Notification details are now captured at a beneficiary level, saving you from entering the details every time you want to send notifications.

You now have the added convenience of being able to easily capture the Payment Notification delivery options as they set up a beneficiary, rather than having to re-capture them every time a notification needs to be sent.

Payment Verifications

Clients from other banks can now easily verify their payments from Nedbank on the NetBank home page.

Nedbank's Payment Verification service now allows clients from different banks to verify their payments from Nedbank on the Internet Banking home page, without needing to login anywhere. All the client needs to do is select the 'Payment Verification' tab at the top of the home page and enter four pieces of information already sent to them in the notification - the date, reference and account numbers, and total amount - before receiving the verification (or invalidation) from Nedbank.

View Failed Prepaids

On Internet Banking, you can view and rectify the reason for any failed prepaid transactions.

Instead of the frustration of not knowing why your prepaid transaction failed, you can now log into Internet Banking and find out what went wrong - allowing you to quickly fix the problem and for example, top-up your airtime or buy SMS or Data bundles again.

Balance Enquiries

View the latest balances on all the accounts linked to your Nedbank profile.

Instead of waiting for the post, visiting an ATM, or going into a branch, you can now conveniently log into your Internet or mobile banking profile from your phone, tablet or computer and view all your account balances online - whenever it's easiest for you.


View the transaction history for every account you have linked to your Internet Banking profile - all in one place.

Now you can view the statements for all the accounts linked to your Banking profile - all in one place, without having to worry about different login details. Access up to five years' history on your current or savings account, six months' on your credit card or garage card, the last 10 transactions on your home loan, or simply view the statements on your investment accounts.

Statement Download

Download all your bank statements direct to your computer, saving time, money, paper and the environment.

Save time, money, paper and the environment by downloading all your bank statements straight to your computer, in either of the following formats: CSV (viewable in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access or Pastel accounting), QIF (viewable in Quicken, Quicken XG and Brilliant accounting packages), or OFX/OFC (viewable in Microsoft Money).

Statement Delivery Options

Choose how you want your statements delivered to you - and help save the environment while you're at it.

Now you can choose whether you want to receive your statements, either in the post or via email. Although, if you care enough for convenience as well as the environment, we recommend the email option as it saves mountains of time and paper along the way. One thing to note is that if your account is in a restricted status, you will not be able to change the delivery options.


Managing your money has never been easier as you can now transfer money between all your Nedbank linked accounts.

Take control of your everyday spending and budgets. Now you can move funds between all your linked accounts like your current, credit card, savings, investments and any other linked accounts.


You can now make almost any payment online, be they to your beneficiaries or simple once-off payments to an account of your choice. You can make prepaid purchases for yourself or even for third parties, such as your friends or family.


Capture the details of the people you pay most often as beneficiaries, so next time you pay them you're just a click away.

Capture the details of the people you pay most often as beneficiaries, and the next time you pay them you're just a click away - rather than having to waste time by entering their banking details all over again. Create up to 99 beneficiaries, including Nedbank accounts, accounts with other banks as well as bank-approved beneficiaries(these are beneficiaries which the details of the person or company you're paying are already pre-loaded onto the system)

SMS Authorisation

SMS Authorisation is an enhanced security feature that protects your most sensitive transactions.

As an added security feature, whenever you need to make certain sensitive transactions or account maintenance, like as once-off payments, adding beneficiaries and purchasing airtime for a third party. You need to register for SMS Authorisation once and thereafter, every time you do a sensitive transaction, Nedbank will send you an Approve-it message(it contains the details of that particular transaction) requesting your authorisation for that specific transaction.

Multiple Payments and Transfers

Make up to 20 payments or transfers with the click of a button.

With the Multiple Payment and Transfer feature, you can save time, hassle by not making separate individual payments or transfers. Rather make up to 20 payments or transfers with a single stroke and simplify the entire experience.

Future Dated Payments, Prepaids and Transfers

Set up future-dated payments, prepaid recharges and transfers up to a year in advance.

You now have the peace of mind and convenience of setting up your future-dated payments, prepaid recharges and transfers up to one year in advance. Naturally, you can amend or delete these transactions at your leisure.

UIF, Tax Payments and IT3B Tax Certificates

Tax and UIF payments set up on SARS eFiling can now be processed on Internet Banking. You can also have your IT3B certificates delivered to you electronically

Avoid the pain and delays with queues at the SARS offices. Experience the pleasure of streamlining all your Tax and Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) payments by setting them up on the SARS eFiling website and processing them through Internet Banking in one go and at your convenience. You can also have your IT3B certificates delivered to you electronically instead of having it sent to you by post.

Beneficiary Payment History

View previous payments made to a beneficiary and the convenience of print the confirmation.

Instantly recall the previous payment history for any of the beneficiaries loaded to your NetBank profile. You can also download and print out the statement history for your convenience.

Search For Transactions

Search up to 12 months prior for any transaction across your Nedbank accounts.

Now you can easily search for transactions on current, savings, investment and credit card accounts up to 12 months in the past. What's more, payment or transfer confirmations for each transaction can also be reprinted.

View Failed Transactions

View any failed transaction made in the last 12 months as well as the reason why, so you can remedy the problem quickly and easily.

You can view any failed transactions made in the last 12 months, whether they were for prepaid airtime, or regular payments and transactions. You can also find the exact reason for the failure, saving you unnecessary frustration while allowing you to remedy the problem quickly and easily.

View Foreign Exchange Rates

View daily Forex rates online

Keep track of the movements in global currency with daily Forex updates.

Recurring Payments, Transfers and Prepaids

Set up and conveniently maintain recurring transactions with Internet Banking.

Internet Banking's recurring transaction facility lets you conveniently set up and maintain specific dates on which payments will be made from your account. They can be weekly or monthly dates as well, meaning you can plan ahead and bring more peace of mind to your bank accounts.

RTC/Instant Payments

Instant Payment lets you process real-time payments to clients from different banks.

Internet Banking now offers an Instant Payment functionality, enabling you to process payments to clients from different banks in real-time, meaning the funds will be almost instantly available(there is a short 30 minute delay for your protection) to those receiving them as long as their bank is one of those that is participating in the Instant Payments program.

Administration Functions

Manage all your personal and administrative details from within your profile.

You have a simple administrative functionality that allows you to conveniently change your personal as well as login details, order chequebooks, stop cheques, while maintaining your beneficiaries and captured transactions as well. Furthmore, you can change your statement delivery options including Credit Card and It3b tax certificates

Investment Functionality

Create and maintain a full-spectrum online investment portfolio with Internet Banking.

Internet Banking's full-spectrum investment functionality allows you to apply for, and maintain investment accounts, reinvest and pay out fixed deposits. You can give notice of, and cancel withdrawals, as well as create and maintain an investment stop order. There is no simpler way to manage and track your investment accounts online.


Approve-it™ is the latest security authentication feature, allowing you to accept or reject transactions from your cellphone.

Since the successful launch of Approve-it™, your online banking environment is now safer. Approve-it™ protects you from fraud and phishing attacks by allowing you to accept or reject any internet banking transaction by simply using your cellphone.
Approving transactions using your cellphone gives you much more control over your online transactional activity, helping prevent you from falling prey to fraudsters and giving you greater peace of mind. Even if you are still currently receive OTP messages, these messages contain full details of the transaction being performed, providing you with information that you can use to stop the transaction, hence putting the control back in your hands.
This innovative safety feature is available to all Nedbank clients and requires no registration whatsoever, so you can enjoy safer internet banking-at no extra cost to you.


eNotes informs you of any transactional activity on your current or savings account.

Nedbank's active SMS notification service - eNotes - keeping you informed of any transactional activity on your current or savings account or any related account that qualifies for eNotes, putting you in control of your money 24/7. You can activate and maintain your eNotes status on Internet Banking as well as set the low balance and threshold amounts for the related account. Active updates will be sent to your cellphone informing you of till-point transactions, scheduled payments, ATM withdrawals, third party payments, deposits into your account, as well as airtime top-ups. To keep you further informed, we will send you notices when your balance low, when a new chequebook or card has been ordered, delivered or collected, and whenever there are changes to your contact details.

My Financial Life

Manage all your finances in a single aggregated place

My Financial Life is a Personal Finance Management(PFM) tool that connects you to all the financial institutions that you have a relationship with and enables you to get a clearer picture of your finances in one secure place. The core functions of PFM are:
- Account Aggregation, both internally and externally;
- Budgeting tool, with alerts;
- Categorisation of spend; know where your money is going.

Profile Limit Maintenance

Manage your Payments, Transfer, Instant payments and Prepiad limits online

You are now able to manage(Increase or decrease) various limits online at your own convenience.

How to get started

Step 1
Get a profile number and temporary PIN by:
•  calling 0860 555 111; or
•  visiting your nearest branch.

Step 2
Change your temporary PIN to a permanent PIN and create a password of your choice on internet banking:
•  Internet banking -

Step 3
Start banking using securely anytime anywhere

Nedbank Ltd Reg. No 1951/000009/06. Authorised financial services and registered credit provider (NCRCP16).

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