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Nedbank Bursary Programme

1. Retail Business Banking
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Retail Banking
Nedbank Retail's strategic intent is 'to deliver a choice of distinctive, client-centred banking experiences' for all in southern Africa, thereby fostering enduring client relationships underpinned by sound risk management, people, processes and technology.

Nedbank Retail serves a diverse range of clients, including high-net-worth individuals, the youth, families and small businesses. The needs of all clients are met using various comprehensive products delivered through different banking channels, including traditional branches, ATMs and digital access such as internet, telephone and cellphone banking.

We combine our comprehensive range of products, deep client insights and excellent channels to deliver a choice of distinctive and client-centred banking experiences.

Our operating model is organised around knowing our clients and servicing them through the following areas:
  • The client segment helps us to understand our clients' needs and aspirations by gathering and analysing client insights.
  • Relationship Banking: This division helps client relationships to be supported by robust value delivery.
  • The product segments assist in the development of a diverse range of products and offerings to meet our clients' needs and aspirations.
  • The servicing and delivery channels ensure that our clients enjoy a client-centred banking experience and are able to choose the channel of service delivery that suits their unique requirements.
  • Our operating model is further underpinned by three support services, namely:
  • Shared Services: This division provides support services, including human resources, finance, projects, strategic planning and business intelligence services.
  • Retail Risk: This division is responsible for the monitoring of compliance and all risks, including credit and operational risk, and for providing legal services to the business divisions.
  • Retail Marketing: This division provides marketing support to the business divisions and assists in coordinating marketing activities across the broader Nedbank Group.
Qualifications and skills required

Nedbank Retail requires graduates with a diverse range of skills and qualifications to ensure that we deliver on our strategic intent.

If you are qualified in the following, please do not hesitate to contact us:
  • Commerce
  • Business management
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Sales and marketing
  • Auditing
  • Credit and risk management
  • Information technology
We also require graduates who are:
  • client-focused;
  • analytical;
  • innovative;
  • problem solvers;
  • driven and determined; and
  • good teamplayers.
If you feel that these qualities describe you, then we believe with your unique and valuable contribution Nedbank Retail can deliver memorable services to its clients and achieve its objectives

Business Banking
Nedbank Business Banking is well-known in the market for its specialist approach, offering financial and banking services to medium-sized businesses. With over 65 decentralised offices across South Africa, we are in a position to make quick decisions and provide our easily accessible services to clients wherever they are. Business Banking believes in partnerships and strives to develop long-term relationships with clients to help them grow their businesses. We understand that every business and industry is unique in terms of its operating environment, financial requirements and goals. Therefore, skilled business managers are supported by a team of specialists with an in-depth knowledge, expertise and understanding of the industries and environments in which each client's business operates. The range of solutions that we offer clients includes investment, lending and transactional services. There are also specialised solutions that cater for agriculture, franchising, medical and public sector clients – each carefully developed and customised to cater for every client's particular needs and desired outcomes.
By structuring our business in this manner our clients enjoy a single point of contact through one of our many professional client service teams, which include sales, credit and service staff.

Qualifications and skills
At Business Banking we Make Things Happen and we want to enable you to make your future happen too. If you have the qualifications and competencies we're looking for, you will fit well. Ideal candidates should hold a Bachelor of Commerce with Finance or Accounting as a major (an honours degree will be an advantage). However, the following qualifications may also be considered:
  • Degrees with Economics as a major
  • Certain Bachelor of Science qualifications (eg Agriculture)
  • Degrees with Marketing as a major
  • Bachelor of Technology in Accounting or Finance
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
The competencies and characteristics that will set you apart are excellent communication skills, creativity, analytical thinking, being a team player, business acumen and good problem-solving skills. Above all, we value innovative people who are passionate about delivering great business results.

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2. Group Risk
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Group Risk

The Group Risk Cluster manages risk as an enabler and is aligned to the need of business to achieve a balance between risk and reward. This is defined within Nedbank's first, second and third line of defence structure that aspires to an integrated approach to governance, risk and compliance. Group  Risk fulfills an independent risk oversight (second line of defence), internal  audit and an assurance  role (third line of defence), providing pragmatic risk management leadership, guidance and counsel to the first line of defence functions, enforcing accountability for risk management linked to strategic deliverables.  In addition, a first line of defence function by Group Risk Services is to provide a safe and secure banking environment by focusing on security, safety, fraud, regulatory and business continuity risk management governance frameworks and policies.

'By accepting accountability for our actions and taking pride in our work, every one of us as an employee can contribute to minimising risk'.
Chief Risk Officer, Philip Wessels

Group Risk comprises:

Group Operational Risk Management
Operational risk is the risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people and systems or from external events (this definition includes legal risk and excludes strategic and reputation risk).

There are seven classes of operational risk:

  • Internal fraud.
  • External fraud.
  • Employment practises and workplace safety.
  • Clients, products and business practices.
  • Damage to physical assets.
  • Business disruption and system failures.
  • Execution, delivery and process management.

Group Market Risk Monitoring
Group Market Risk Monitoring's role is to develop and maintain a dynamic trading and market risk monitoring capability for the Nedbank Group that supports successful participation in the various domestic and international markets within the risk appetite of the organisation.

Group Credit Risk Monitoring
A sound credit culture is the fundamental and philosophical core that guides the group - a clear vision of what credit risk to take, the desired risk appetite in exchange for a desired return and policy guidelines that support and govern the credit risks of the enterprise - setting the right tone, and thus enabling the exploitation of credit opportunities, through good times and bad. 

Group Risk Services
Group Risk Services strives to provide a range of proactive specialist and professional risk services and products to ensure a safe, secure, crime-free, resilient and regulatory compliant transacting, working and banking environment for our clients, staff, stakeholders, shareholders and the public. We believe effective risk management with a zero tolerance for crime and non-compliance leads to a great place to work, bank and invest.

Group Risk Services comprises the following areas:

  • Group Security and Safety Services.
  • Group Forensic Services.
  • Personnel Integrity Management and Risk Information Management .
  • Specialised Risk Services.
  • Group Exchange Control Services.
  • Group Regulatory Risk Programmes.
  • Group Personal Information Office.

Nedbank has a zero tolerance policy towards fraud and corrupt activities. In terms of the policy all employees immediately have to report any fraud, corruption, theft or similar illegal behaviour that is suspected or discovered to management and the Risk Officer who need to report it to the internal reporting channels.  Employees or the public can also do a report under the Protected Disclosures Act or, if they want stay anonymous, they can report the matter to Tip-off anonymous on 0800 909 or at

Enterprisewide Risk Management
Enterprise-wide risk management is a structured and disciplined approach aligning strategy, processes, people, technology and knowledge with the purpose of evaluating and managing the opportunities, uncertainties and threats the group faces as it creates value. It involves integrating risk management effectively across an organisation's risk universe, business units and operating divisions, geographical locations and legal entities.

Group Legal
Group Legal comprises the legal advisers for the Nedbank Group. Nedbank Group Corporate Insurance manages the group's insurable risk.

Group Internal Audit

The purpose of Group Internal Audit is to provide independent, objective assurance and consulting services designed to add value and improve the operations of the Nedbank Group. It helps Nedbank Group accomplish its objectives by bringing about a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of systems that control the management of risk and governance processes. 

At Nedbank Group Risk we employ graduates with skills and qualifications in the following fields: any form of legal qualification such as LLB, BCom Law, BProc, BJuris, certificate in criminal justice and forensic auditing, BCom Accounting; BSc and BCom (Hons), B Degree or honours degree in finance on equivalent, CIA, credit diploma, CFA; postgraduate degree in mathematical finance, statistics, operations, research and risk management.

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3. Compliance
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At Nedbank, we aspire to be Worldclass at Managing Risk. Compliance risk management is critical to good governance within a bank as banking is a highly regulated environment. Compliance risk management is a scarce skill, which means that being a part of this specialist Compliance Graduate Programme will build on your theoretical knowledge, add to your qualifications, provide you with a unique skill set and ultimately differentiate you with a sought-after designation ie Compliance Practitioner (CPrac).

Prospective candidates must be South African citizens and in their final year of a Commerce or Law degree at an accredited South African higher education institution. They must be willing to undergo psychometric assessments and panel interviews. Final acceptance is subject to the successful completion of the candidates' studies.

The duration of the programme is 36 months. We will allocate 1-2 graduates per cluster. Each graduate will spend 6 months in each cluster in order to obtain exposure to the various functions within the bank. They will complete a Learnership as well as an Occupational Certificate and be required to write a board exam as part of obtaining the designation CPrac (Compliance Practitioner). Nedbank reserves the right to terminate the contract or offer the graduates full time employment once the contract has been completed. Each graduates application and appointment will be subject to the completion of assessments and personal integrity checks.

If you are qualified in the following, please do not hesitate to contact us:

  • LLB
  • LLB Postgraduate
  • BA Law
  • BProc
  • BJuris
  • BCom Law
  • BCom
  • BCom Honours

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4. Corporate and Investment Banking
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Nedbank Corporate and Investment Banking

Delivering impactful solutions for the enduring success of clients, NCIB offers the full spectrum of transactional, corporate and investment banking solutions, including lending products, advisory services, leverage financing, trading, broking, structuring, hedging and client coverage. Solutions are characterised by a highly integrated partnership approach.

Proven expertise in a broad spectrum of relationship-based solutions including:

  • Specialist corporate finance advice – the foundation of our end-to-end solutions
  • Innovative products and services - particularly foreign exchange, fixed-income, commodities and credit solutions
  • Customised transactional banking – tailored to suit specific business needs
  • Commercial property finance – development solutions for the commercial, industrial, retail and residential property sectors

"Making Your Future Happen Starts With Us"

The Nedbank Corporate and Investment Banking Graduate Programme offers high-achieving and passionate graduates the opportunity to be part of an exciting environment that fosters a culture of innovation and forward thinking, thereby making this business a great place to work. This approach creates a dynamic platform for our employees to advance their thinking and refine their skills.

The purpose of Nedbank Corporate and Investment Banking’s Graduate Programme is to: 

  • attract passionate and dynamic young talent 
  • create a platform from which graduated can launch and establish their careers in this exciting and challenging area of banking 
  • provide graduates with varied opportunities that will enable them to build superior levels of experience and expertise
  • attract diverse skills that will contribute to our culture of innovation and forward thinking

Our programme also gives our graduates: 

  • a worldclass experience in their graduate journey providing insights to theoretical and practical training, and exposure to an accelerated international development programme 
  • improved career opportunities and career paths through development of leadership skills
  • access to an alumni network of peer group members, which is based on a joint performance experience
  • a meaningful platform through which innovative ideas can be expressed and realised
  • Ongoing career management and development post the Programme
  • Everything we do is underpinned by our values of integrity, respect, accountability, pushing beyond boundaries and being people-centred. It is important to us that we employ people who identify with and share our philosophy. 

We are looking for post graduates with strong academic qualifications who have the ability to work in teams, adding innovation and intellect. Individuals who demonstrate drive and creativity, and a positive attitude of making things happen by joining a great place to work with people who do great work.


We are looking for post graduate students in the following faculties:

  • Business Science
  • Finance/Accounting
  • Maths/Maths and Stats or Actuarial Science
  • Advanced Maths of Finance
  • Financial Engineering
  • Engineering and Built
  • Informatics
  • Investment Management and Analysis
  • Economics/ Econometrics
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5. CA Training Programme
Applications Closed
CA Training Programme
In 1997 the Nedbank Group was the first approved training office (ATO) to be accredited by SAICA to offer training outside public practice. The programme offers exceptional study and developmental benefits outside the SAICA framework. Our proven track record of high pass rates bears testimony to the study support we provide for our trainees.

Over the past 16 years, Nedbank has trained and developed a growing number of CAs, who are highly regarded wherever they make their mark, not only because they are inherently talented individuals, but also due to the 'finishing' they received in becoming young professionals. Through the Nedbank CA Training Programme, more than 100 trainees have qualified as chartered accountants over the past 16 years.

Our trainees are afforded the opportunity of having individually tailored rotations across the bank, all with a future career focus. Although rotations are mostly Gauteng-based, there are exciting rotations in London, Durban and Cape Town, for which trainees can apply. The training programme is a designated 3 year learnership.

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6. Quantitative Analyst
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Quantitative Analyst
Nedbank is an industry leader in quantitative risk and capital management, having gained regulatory approval for the most advanced risk measurement approaches to the three major risk types, namely credit, market and operational risk.

Nedbank also aspires to best practice in respect of other risk types and is actively preparing for the implementation of Basel III.

Career opportunities in quantitative risk and capital management exist in all business clusters, as well as in the Group Risk and Balance Sheet Management Clusters. Graduates will be rotated across the various business areas, allowing exposure to a broad range of quantitative techniques.

Graduates are able to make practical use of their mathematical and statistical skills to develop and maintain a broad range of quantitative models that are an integral part of the business processes at Nedbank. The advanced risk measures produced by these models form an integral part of business decisionmaking and strategy.

Qualifications and skills

The basic requirement for a career in the field of quantitative risk management is a bachelor's degree in mathematics or statistics. Other qualifications with a quantitative element will however also be considered. Strong analytical and problemsolving skills are highly desirable as is the ability to work in highly skilled teams.

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7. Information Technology
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Information Technology
Group Technology (IT) is a centralised technology unit, which has responsibility for all components of the group's technology processing, development and systems support.

The group's information technology (IT) systems, databases, technology infrastructure, software development and IT projects and programme management are centrally managed to provide economies of scale and facilitate cohesive groupwide service-oriented architecture technology that supports and enables the bank's business strategies.

Group Technology focuses on building Nedbank's future IT landscape, which in turn guides the three-year technology and business-aligned roadmaps. Group Technology is committed to providing flexible and cost-effective IT solutions that are able to evolve quickly and easily to suit the ever-changing requirements of Nedbank Group's business divisions.

Qualifications and skills

We require a diverse range of skills and qualifications from programming, infrastructure support and maintenance, information systems and technology to computer science and many more. Our business requires people who are creative, analytical, strategic, innovative, have good problemsolving skills and are able to work in teams.
  • BSc Computer Science
  • Bcom IT
  • Bcom IS
  • BSc Computer Engineering
  • IT Diploma
  • BTech
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8. Wealth
Applications Closed
Nedbank Wealth is the fastest growing cluster of Nedbank Group - complex, competitive and exciting! Our aim is to create, manage and protect our clients' wealth, while bringing value to their lives.

Nedbank Wealth encompasses a number of businesses offering life and short-term insurance solutions, insurance broking, financial planning, stockbroking, Personal Relationship Banking, wealth and fiduciary, as well as asset management services. With representation in South Africa, London and on the Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey, Nedbank Wealth comprises the following three business divisions:

The Insurance Division comprises:
  • Nedgroup Insurance - This Gauteng-based short-term insurer specialises in homeowners' cover, personal accident and vehicle-related value-added insurance products including warranty, topup and tyre and rim.
    Qualifications - Top, motivated commerce graduates with specialisation in insurance, risk, statistics or IT are best suited to this business.
  • Nedgroup Life - This highly innovative life assurer offers credit life, simple risk and savings solutions and a set of differentiated individual risk life products supported by a wellness programme. They are based in KwaZulu-Natal, but have a footprint of highly motivated broker consultants nationally.
    Qualifications - If you enjoy working in a sales environment, are self-driven and have a commerce degree, we look forward to hearing from you. We also employ people in support roles with specialisation in insurance, risk, operations and IT.
  • Nedbank Insurance Distribution - This distribution business offers personal and commercial short-term insurance products to Nedbank clients.
    Qualifications - Top commerce graduates with specialisation in marketing and sales or insurance, risk, and statistics may apply.
Wealth Management
The Wealth Management Division comprises:
  • Nedbank Financial Planning - This business offers exciting opportunities for graduates who seek reward, flexibility and variety. Nedbank Financial Planning distributes risk and investment products to Retail, Business Banking and high-net-worth clients. We also employ professionals in risk and compliance roles to ensure that we deliver the best advice to our clients.
    Qualifications - Depending on your preference for sales or for a more structured role, we look for driven graduates with excellent academic results in commerce with specialisation in financial planning, investments or similar.
  • Nedbank Private Wealth - This business provides a full range of transactional banking services as well as investment (including stockbroking), fiduciary and philanthropy services to clients earning more than R1,5 million per year or who has investable assets of more than R5 million.
    Qualifications - Top-calibre graduates in commerce or finance with specialisation in Portfolio management, investments, banking, financial planning or mathematics may apply.
  • Nedgroup Trust - This business completes the offering to high-net-worth and other clients by providing a full range of fiduciary services.
    Qualifications - Law or BCom Law graduates with postgraduate qualifications in financial planning will be considered.
Asset Management
  • Nedgroup Investments - This highly successful business is responsible for managing and growing the wealth of our clients and boasts a long list of industry accolades.
    Qualifications - Top-calibre graduates wishing to specialise in investments may apply. Although we are predominantly looking for commerce graduates, we will also consider chartered accountants and other individuals displaying a natural talent and passion for this industry.
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