Corporate saver

What is Nedbank Corporate Saver?
Corporate Saver is an investment banking system administered by Nedbank.

Corporate Saver is tried and trusted and has been used extensively by attorneys and financial services intermediaries since 1988.

How does Corporate Saver work?
After your Corporate Saver profile has been approved, you can administer funds on behalf of your clients on Corporate Saver, which is a secure, flexible and high-yielding online banking system for agents managing third-party funds. Corporate Saver gives you greater control over money that can be invested. Corporate Saver is successful because it allows your firm to perform basic banking procedures and reporting and to give your investors the benefits of increased yields.

What benefits does Corporate Saver offer?
A choice of accounts to suit your clients’ needs:
  • Call deposits
  • 32-day notice deposits
  • Prime-linked deposits
  • Fixed deposits from seven to 365 days
Attractive pricing:
  • Nedbank offers flexible and competitive pricing through a customised investment approach to the portfolio.
  • Nedbank is able to achieve better pricing through a deeper understanding of the market and the individual client’s needs.
Ease of transacting:

All transactions (excluding physical deposits) are conducted in your office by a dedicated administrator. These include transactions such as:
  • opening accounts;
  • closing accounts;
  • providing statements, tax certificates and other documents required for reporting purposes;
  • completing interest instructions;
  • doing interbank transfers (electronic fund transfers);
  • sending easy-to-read monthly account statements to your clients on the internet or in emails; and
  • issuing property guarantees (attorneys only).
Corporate Saver gives you greater control over invested money.  

Operational risk management
Extensive measures are in place to ensure efficient and secure Corporate Saver operations. These include:
  • security of internet access and the provision of firewalls;
  • clear segregation of duties and user rights; and
  • extensive audit trails that provide transaction history on a rolling 18-month basis.
Reports can be downloaded in Excel or CSV format. Your client information is kept on a separate database. A detailed maturity programme helps you achieve best yields and is a another feature of a system that allows you to control cashflow through your own bank account.  

Additional security measures on Corporate Saver

Transactions are authorised by users with the relevant authorisation rights and certain transactions (such as payments) require the additional security of RSA SecurID tokens.  

Getting started

Corporate Saver is more than just a system. It is customised to suit your business needs and a portfolio manager, who will obtain a greater understanding of your business, is available to present Corporate Saver to you so you can better understand all its functionalities.  

We would like to assist your business in improving operational efficiencies and ensure profitable management of your third-party funds.  

Therefore, to get started please contact one of our regional offices. A portfolio manager will contact you to set up an appointment.

Partner with Nedbank to grow your business, and benefit from
our decentralised and client-centric approach.

Nedbank Ltd Reg. No 1951/000009/06. Authorised financial services and registered credit provider (NCRCP16).

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