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Bank Fees Calculator
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With great-value banking from Nedbank and a wide range of products it's wise to check regularly if the account you have is still right for you. Use our Bank Fees Calculator to help you choose the account that is best suited to your banking needs. The Bank Fees Calculator will help you to:
  • Narrow down your search to a handful of relevant products. Some of our products offer a host of free transactions for a fixed monthly fee, while others offer a pay-as-you-use fee structure.
  • Capture the volume and value of transactions according to your banking behaviour to work out your bank fees.
  • Compare our banking fees in relation to of our competitors.
  • Analyse and compare the monthly fees related to our products, based on your own transactional profile.

The tool has two sections

  1. What products are available to me
  2. This area helps you pick the banking solution most relevant to your lifestyle by letting you choose the criteria in which you fall. All you do is answer the questions on the left hand side of your screen and we show you which transactional products are available to you.

  3. Calculate specific product fees
  4. The bank fees calculator allows you to select an account and adjust the calculator according to your financial situation. Once you have adjusted the transactions according to your needs, the calculator then works out your bank fees and gives you the option of comparing our banking fees in relation to that of our competitors.

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