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SMS authorisation

SMS authorisation is required for sensitive type transactions, such as once-off payments, adding beneficiaries and purchasing airtime for a third party.

It is recommended that all clients activate the SMS facility on their profile as this will soon become mandatory.

How SMS authorisation works:

The SMS authorisation facility initially requires you to personally visit a branch, register your details and provide your cellphone number.

Certain functions will result in the generation of an SMS, sent in real time while the transaction is in progress. The SMS contains a unique reference number which provides an additional layer of security.

This reference number is then entered in the space provided on the screen before the transaction is processed. If an incorrect reference number is entered, or if no reference number is entered, the transaction will not be allowed to take place

  • SMS authorisation will not apply to any payments you make to beneficiaries already loaded on your profile.
  • The SMS authorisation will be valid for the duration of your banking session. You will not need to generate another SMS for additional payments, or the addition of beneficiaries provided you have not logged out of the session.
  • Reference numbers will never include the alpha character 'O" but could include a zero.
  • SMS reference numbers are unique, so the same reference number will never be used more than once.
  • There are no charges for SMS reference numbers.
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