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Funeral Plan

The Nedbank Insurance Funeral Plan will take care of your family tomorrow, so you can live life today.

What does it cost?

The plan starts from R23,75 for R5 000 cover for yourself. You can also buy R10 000 cover for yourself for just R32,50 or for R57,00 for yourself, your spouse/life partner and up to five children.These premiums are based on you and your spouse being age 55 or younger.

The Nedbank Insurance Funeral Plan is flexible enough that you can design it around your life, and comprehensive enough to give you and your loved ones a proper goodbye.

Why should you get the Nedbank Insurance Funeral Plan?

  • Besides covering yourself, you can add up to 29 family members, including your spouse/life partner, children, parents and grandparents, brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts, nephews and nieces, cousins and up to five of your domestic workers.
  • Your policy won’t lapse if you can’t make your payments in full, as long as you pay a minimum of R20 a month. Your cover, will, however, fluctuate accordingly.
  • We pay one premium on your behalf! In the 12th month you qualify for a premium bonus of your average premium paid in the previous 11 months.
  • You get access to our Value for Life programme’s funeral support services, which will help you with the difficult task of planning a funeral.
  • This plan is also available to non-Nedbank accountholders. However, Nedbank accountholders get a 5% discount when they take out this plan and pay by debit order.
  • No medical tests are required.

If you are interested in the Nedbank Insurance Funeral Plan, sign up at a Nedbank branch or you can call us on 0860 555 111.

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